Palette Music Studio Productions’ Remarkable Legacy and Commitment to Supporting Artists Comes Alive in Re-Imagined New Website

Mt. Juliet / Nashville, TN (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

After months of planning and hundreds of hours of web development, content creation and graphic design work, Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) has unveiled it’s completely re-imagined new website at

Featuring over 150 pages of informative, original content and more than 300 images that span everything from record and CD covers, to session photos with legendary performers, music industry insiders, and long-time supporters, Palette MSP’s new website has been crafted to capture and convey five key elements:

  1. The remarkable musical legacy of founder Jeff Silverman, who for nearly 40 years has worked as a touring and studio musician with artists such as Rick Springfield and Roger Miller, a Motown/LA staff writer, a music editor for film and TV, and an artist signed to the legendary Sound City Studios. Currently, Jeff is co-founder of Palette Records, an innovative label “created by artists for the artists” that uses the United Artists’ model as its inspiration to bring independent, proactive artists together under one collaborative banner.

  2. An expansive selection of audio samples from multiple genres – including stunning “before and after” examples – that feature Jeff Silverman’s handicraft on a variety of high profile projects that cover albums/CDs, film, TV, digital entertainment, and more.

  3. A celebration of some of the remarkable people who have supported Jeff Silverman and Palette MSP over the years, including: legendary A&R man John Carter, famed music industry lawyer Andrew J. Stern, inimitable songwriter Judithe Randall, multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award-winning performer Rick Springfield (with whom Jeff recently co-produced, co-wrote and performed on “From the Vault: A Collection of Works by Rick Springfield and Jeff Silverman”), chart-topping Grammy and CMA Award nominee Michael Peterson, and others.

  4. An overview of the comprehensive, end-to-end professional mixing, mastering, engineering, editing and production services that Palette MSP delivers both from its Mt. Juliet-Nashville location, and worldwide through its pioneering “Virtual Studio Networks (VSN)” which uses leading-edge technology to stream high fidelity stereo audio anytime, anywhere and allow artists to conduct mix, mastering and full-blown sessions from the comfort and convenience of their home.

  5. Original and essential reference material, including: hand-picked websites of interest, an e-newsletter, and premium content with advice, insight and guidance for artists on core issues such as how to become self-sufficient and invest in themselves, and more. All of the information is offered at no-cost, and part of Jeff Silverman’s unwavering commitment to “pay it forward” and help both new and established artists reach their potential – and achieve their dreams.

  6. In addition, the entire website has been crafted to be intuitive and easy-to-navigate, visually striking courtesy of professional graphic design work by Debra Silverman, and accessible to non-technical audiences who want to discover more about one of the industry’s most established, enduring and esteemed studios and personalities.

    “With this new website, our aim was to create something very special that was both a monument and a testament to our rich and rewarding past, and an inspirational vision of where we are today — and headed tomorrow,” commented Jeff Silverman. “And most importantly, we wanted to create something that would allow us to give back to the music community, and help remind those who need it that music was, is and always will be about artists! Putting artists first is the philosophy that infuses everything we do here at Palette MSP, and with our label Palette Records. I feel that we’ve captured and conveyed this core, guiding philosophy extremely well, and I can’t wait to see how the future unfolds so that we can continue writing the next exciting chapters of the Palette MSP story!

    For additional information including media inquiries, contact Jeff Silverman at (615) 681-4061 or via

    About Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP)
    Palette MSP offers world-class studio production services driven by the talents of its founder, Jeff Silverman. Jeff’s nearly 40 years’ of experience in the music industry has included working on Emmy and Grammy-nominated projects. He has also produced, mixed, mastered, co-written, edited and performed on a number of gold, platinum and award-winning projects for artists such as Rick Springfield and Michael Peterson. Through its pioneering “Virtual Studio Networks” (VSN), Palette MSP has the ability to work with artists anywhere in the world, as well as showcase the incredible talent pool of Mt. Juliet-Nashville musicians, singers and songwriters on a global stage. Together with award-winning artist Debra Lyn, Palette MSP has also launched Palette Records, an innovative label “created by artists for the artists.”

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