It has been my privilege and honor to work with these artists who have taken the time to kindly give a testimonial of their experience working with me and Virtual Studio Networks (VSN).

“Like myself, almost every musician I know has a studio in their home. For years, we’ve all been receiving songs from around the world, adding our parts and sending them back to our clients. Making money in our bathrobes! But all of us have lamented about missing the collaborative effort of artist, producer, engineer and musician working together creatively in real time.
Using the latest in technology, Jeff Silverman at Palette Studios now has a recording rig that enables all of us to be part of the live recording process while we’re each in our homes. We see and hear each other while working on the music, just as if I was in an isolation booth at a studio. And there’s absolutely no degradation to the quality of the recording. It’s easy, sounds great and we’re all together again making music. I love it and just in time for Covid.”

Tim Lorsch

Nashville, TN, Arranger, Session Player, Producer and Songwriter

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Jeff Silverman on various projects over the past few years, and when I was put in charge of my own project for the first time, I knew without a doubt who I would go to. Jeff calmed my nerves throughout the entire process, and with his wonderful VSN technology, I felt like we were sitting right next to each other while working together from Nashville to my home in California. This technology allows you to listen live as Jeff works on the project without any delay or technical setbacks all while talking to each other through the same program. Jeff is very kind, accommodating, and patient with every client and the VSN is an incredible tool to work with him from anywhere in the world. I can’t recommend him enough and look forwarding to completing my next album and future projects together!”

Emilia Lopez Yañez

Los Angeles, CA, Artist/Singer/Musician/Composer

“Jeff is a “sonic sensei” and will collaboratively work with you to achieve the best possible expression of your artistic vision! We can all benefit from having compassionate support, along with inspired guidance from someone with “golden ears” and a tremendous depth of experience, as we labor to translate our creative inspiration into polished reality. Yes, Jeff is that good and we know from our experience of working together with him! When it’s too important to risk taking a chance, you can trust Jeff to bring your project home!!!”

Ravis Kole

Bellingham, WA , Recording Artists

“When I reached out to Jeff Silverman/Palette Music Studio Productions to inquire about working with him on my latest song, I was a new artist who had never participated in the production process. Despite my lack of experience, Jeff agreed to work with me and, with patience and a healthy dose of humor, diligently guided me through each step.

There are so many highlights to working with Jeff that it is probably easiest to summarize them. I may miss a few, but, hopefully, I can give you a flavor of my experience thus far:

  • Jeff treats me as an equal, although because of my novice standing, he is very much thrust into the role of trusted and experienced guide. He assumes this role humbly.
  • Jeff is accessible and an excellent communicator. He addresses my questions (and I have a LOT) and answers them without judgment.
  • Jeff keeps me involved in each step of the production process. I feel valued and heard.
  • Jeff has a great sense of humor. Our communications are serious and involve progress on the project, but he almost never fails to interject humor into our chats – the “laugh out loud” or at least “big smile” type of humor. This makes our work together fun.
  • Jeff knows people, a lot of people and he does a grand job vetting and recommending talent for their roles on our Song Dream Team.
  • As a lifetime veteran of the music business, Jeff’s work speaks for itself, but he is truly and extraordinarily talented and that talent seeps into every aspect of our project. His vision for my latest song elevated it to a level that exceeded my wildest expectations.

In addition to adoring Jeff, my experience working with Palette’s Virtual Studio Network (VSN) has been remarkable! For the production of my song, we had two sessions and used a combination of VSN (for sound) and Skype (for the visuals). Although I was in my living room in California while the sessions took place, I felt as if I was sitting in Jeff’s studio in Nashville, Tennessee! I was able to listen/watch as the instrumentals of the song grew, developed and bloomed. I was able to participate and communicate as our singer discussed the piece with Jeff, worked through the lyrics and took my song to new heights. Using VSN was a key factor in producing my song and it enabled me to keep costs lower (no travel required) while not sacrificing active participation.

I cannot wait to get started on our next project!”

LISTEN: SUNLIGHT FADES (feat. Devin Belle)

Words & Music: Dana Halle
(Dana Halle/BMI © 2019)
Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Jeff Silverman

Dana Halle

Costa Mesa, CA, Artist / Songwriter

“I have known Jeff Silverman as both a creative professional and friend for almost 25 years.  I had some of my first experiences working with him at his Palette Studios in Los Angeles, when he was signed as a staff songwriter to Motown’s Stone Diamond Music.  I worked with him as a session vocalist early on in my music journey, and through the years he has engineered, mixed, mastered, arranged and co-produced several songs, sessions and projects including my SEAY solo albums “1 Voice”, “In The Garden”, “A Winter Blessing”. Jeff and I have also worked in a variety of audio formats of including 5.1 DTS where we were apart of the exciting pioneering launch of XM’s HD Surround Sound Radio with artists Sting and Norah Jones.

Working with Jeff Silverman and Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP), you will be given a world class recording project and the most professional and personal service. Jeff is a lifetime veteran of the music business and a voting member of the Producer and Engineer Wing of NARAS – The Grammys.  His technical mastery has graced the albums of some of today’s biggest music stars and most gifted artists. He will give you the finest product possible and more often exceed your expectations.The new Palette MSP offers a fantastic way of working in today’s Global community. Using Palette’s Virtual Studio Network (VSN), you can work with Jeff Silverman anywhere, anytime and collaborate instantly. It is quite an amazing way to work and I have used it several times from the comfort of my home and even in my car!

Life is about relationships and I believe it’s important to come up the ladder with others. Jeff is one of those special relationships in my creative journey. He is one of the nicest people and without a doubt the most creative person I know, a technical wizard, production expert, creative genius, and one of the finest mixing and mastering talents today! He will bring out the very best in you and your work.  I highly recommend Jeff Silverman “Sir Mix-a-lot” and his company Palette MSP and VSN . It’s just amazing!”

SEAY: Billboard Top #3 Recording Artist and Award winning Singer Songwriter Composer, Tuscan Sun Music



Nashville, TN, Artist / Singer / Songwriter

“A few years ago I heard the album that Jeff produced for Debra Lyn (“A Cold Wind Blows”), and it had exactly the kind of warm, organic, textured sound that I wanted for my next album – so in 2016 I contacted him and we worked together on “Dust Bowl – American Stories.” I learned so much from watching how he worked, from guiding the musicians in the studio – bringing out just the right performances from them — to creating the final mixes, and ultimately doing the masters as well. Making a record is a series of one million decisions, and each one you make changes all of the ones that you’re going to make, so you need an experienced and level-headed guide throughout the entire process. Jeff is exactly that person. We did most of the album with me there at his studio, but toward the end I was traveling and several overdub sessions were done remotely using VSN. The first time I was driving across Kentucky and into West Virginia, but was a part of the whole thing in my car due to his ability to patch you in remotely. I could see and hear what they were doing, and they could ask me questions. It was almost as much fun as being there, and very efficient. Jeff’s ability to conduct these VSN sessions saved me a lot of time and money, and are just another example of his professionalism and creative-thinking. Because of Jeff, my album turned out 10 times better than it would have without him. It ended up on Billboard for 17 weeks, and selling close to 30,000 copies so far. It never would have been possible without his masterful work and elegant touch – and his VSN technology!”
Grant Maloy Smith

Wakefield, Rhode Island, Artist / Singer / Songwriter

“I’m so grateful to have had my new CD “BRAVE BIRD” mastered by Jeff Silverman at Palette Music Studio, and via Virtual Studio Networks. I’m honored to be in the company of the musicians Jeff has worked with, and love the quality of sound he achieves on all his projects. I had yet to meet Jeff in person, but had heard a beautiful song he had written about his mom, and felt this was the person I’d like to work with.

From the moment we spoke on the phone to the first time I sent Jeff my songs, he treated me and my music with honor and respect. Magically he knew exactly the type of sound I was looking for, and he put his heart, soul and expertise into it, to get it to that place. Jeff has a great ear and sense of humor, which made the whole process of working together a pleasure.

I wasn’t sure if I could figure out the technical aspects of the Virtual Studio, but Jeff made it easy and walked me through it with so much patience. It’s a wonderful way to work, especially if you can’t be in Nashville. I highly recommend it!”

Martha Reich

Santa Fe, NM, Singer Songwriter/Recording Artist

“Jeff exceeded my expectations on the mastering of my latest album. He is a great professional with incredible ears, and it’s a delight to work with him. Highly recommended!”

Laura Sullivan

San Francisco, California, Grammy® Winning Composer and Billboard Top 10 Recording Artist

Love Is The Healer was created by me and longtime collaborator, veteran producer and songwriter Jeff Silverman, 2000 miles apart in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. During the entire creative process, including recording, mixing and mastering, Jeff and I used Palette’s VSN virtual studio set up to communicate. More…

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for many years. In moving to Nashville, one would have thought that would have limited how he worked with clients and collaborators in LA but, no – Jeff put VSN in place and we are able to continue working together in exactly the same way, if not better, than we did when he had his studio here in LA.

Working via VSN is actually a remarkable experience – made easier by Jeff’s ability with all things technical and is a completely seamless process. It’s very much as if I’m in the studio with him- with only a few seconds time delay when listening down to a track. I can see the mix on my screen, whilst talking to Jeff on the phone and listening to everything on my speakers – it’s just as if we’re in the same room and sonically there is no difference at all.

It is equally easy to work on recording a bass or guitar part or another instrument – the process is the same. It also means that I can be anywhere in the world and still be able to work on a track with Jeff without missing a beat. So the whole VSN process actually makes the world smaller and in putting this system together, Jeff has made the create process and working together even better, not to mention fun!

I can’t recommend working with VSN more highly, in just the same way that I can’t recommend Jeff Silverman more highly – this way you get the best of both worlds, regardless of where you are… It’s professional, easy and creative, not to mention really good fun!”


Los Angeles, California, Artiste at Angleterre Music

different … from all other studios?

Is it Jeff’s decades of experience in the music business?
(Staff writer for Motown, Producer, Arranger, Engineer – for such diverse talents from Prince to Streisand.)
Is it his skill producing Grammy and Emmy nominated projects?
Is it his welcoming, easy going manner – SO important to a novice like me?

OR … Has Jeff perfected the technology, that puts YOU in the studio, in REAL TIME? Because … he has.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Nashville, or Newfoundland. If you have a computer, ear buds, and a phone, you can be IN the studio, at each session, communicating with Jeff, every step of the way … from the comfort of your couch.

You don’t have to travel cross country, or cross town.
You don’t have to wait for an MP3.
You don’t have to WONDER, if you’ll get what you want … because you’ll be in the studio – hearing it, participating in the process, with every track.

So, with this kind of warmth, professionalism, and musicianship, was the final product exactly as I’d intended?

Ruth (Pollack) Pappas

New York, NY, Songwriter at Two Times on the Boat

“I first met Jeff Silverman through SongU.com, a website that offers courses, coaching, and connections for songwriters. Jeff was giving a presentation on music production. I was totally amazed by Jeff’s knowledge and how down to earth he presented the information. My co-writer (Dan Robinson) and I decided to contact Jeff to discuss having him produce a couple of our newly written songs.

I met with Jeff via phone for about an hour, and was blown away by the amount of Jeff’s technical savvy. I already knew Jeff was a musical virtuoso. The conversation was truly captivating. Jeff explained how he used the VSN process, which I had never worked with before.

When we met for our scheduled session, Jeff made it very simple to understand and worked with me through every step of the way. It was a great experience. There I was in my own little home studio communicating with Jeff as if I were at his studio in Nashville, Tennessee. To say the least, the clarity of the entire audio and video experience was awesome.

I know there were certain areas of the songs that needed special treatment, but Jeff had already read my mind. He knew exactly what needed to be done and captured a perfect vision of the songs. Jeff is a very patient guy, a master engineer, and a genius at all levels of music production. The list of Jeff’s expertise goes on, but I’ll just say Jeff has one of life’s greatest gifts, ‘natural talent’.

What I particularly like about Jeff’s process is that he doesn’t just make a demo, but creates a production. This is why Jeff stands out front. Jeff is most likely a phenomenon, something that is not all that apparent, but is reflected by his work. Then again, he may be Batman for all I know! What I do know is this, if you’re looking for great recordings from a super knowledgeable guy, with an overwhelming amount of experience, then Jeff is the man you’re looking for. You’ll also add a great guy to your repertoire of friends.”

Benn Cutarelli

Marion, Ohio, Composer/Songwriter

“Jeff Silverman is an amazing musician, producer and engineer.  The quality of work he creates while working with you, is topnotch.  Working via Virtual Studio Networks, its simple, uncomplicated, and the next best way to work if you cannot physically get to Nashville. 

When I worked with Jeff via VSN, he really understood what I was looking for in sound and music.  You will come away from those sessions knowing that Jeff was the right choice!”

Kori Lane Carothers

Mission Viejo, California, Solo Concert Pianist/ Instrumental Composer at iRoknNod Records

“Jeff Silverman and I have worked together since I was 16 years old. He was my first….my very first recording studio experience that is ;o). I was signed to Chrysalis records and they put me together with Jeff to work on writing and recording songs for my first album. Many years later-we reconnected and started working together on numerous projects out in Los Angeles.

When Jeff moved to Nashville I was worried our working relationship would be over. Thank God that was not the case. Mr Technical wizard/genius that “Uncle Silverman” is-figured out a way to record with me and many others across the miles! As my muse, Jeff has always looked out for me as an artist and has made suggestions to me along the way. One such suggestion was to work with a very young talented Guitar player named Tyler Reese. Jeff made the connection and it turned into an entire album called “Life In 20” and together Tyler Reese and I started “The Dease & Reese Project”. On one of the songs Jeff helped produce “A Momma Who Knows How To Funk”-we wanted to record a live horn section. I talked about flying to Nashville but realized after talking to Jeff about his VSN that I didn’t even need to leave my house! In fact-there were other songs we recorded via VSN- that I got to witness and be a part of the entire session. It was absolutely wonderful. In real time-feeling like I was right there in the studio even though I was all the way in Vegas! Oh and did I mention how much fun we had and the laughs???

Studio work is probably my all time favorite thing to do. Working with VSN and Jeff Silverman-is a dream come true. I trust him sonically to do everything on a recording that needs to be done. I trust him musically-because he plays everything and does it with a producers ear. I trust him as a human being. He is one of my all time favorite people. So if you are thinking of recording any other way than with VSN-think again ;o)  “

Elisa Fiorillo

Las Vegas, NV, Artist at Doogsidog Music

“I’ve done these VSN virtual sessions with Jeff several times and they are SUPER easy!  

I’ve recorded percussion/drums in his studio while the artists have been in a different time zone.

I’ll admit that I was hesitant about the idea of a “virtual session”, but if it hadn’t been for the ipad screen facing the window of my drum booth, I never would have know that the artist wasn’t in the studio with me.

Jeff was a great at producing & facilitating and never once was there a communication “glitch”.  The artist was happy. I was happy. The world was a better place for great art having been created.

The whole experience made me want to start recording from my basement in my pajamas & bunny slippers.

BUT… NObody wants to see that!!!!

I’m excited for the next session. I hope it’s yours!”

Matthew Burgess

Nashville, TN, Percussionist / Drummer

“I’ve been in a few studios during my career as a singer-songwriter here in Nashville. The options that are out there for recording and fine tuning mixes are endless. Time constraints and geography can sometimes dictate the outcome of your project. Then I discovered Jeff Silverman’s Virtual Studio Networks services. With VSN, we were able to put the final touches on mixing my album so to not delay the release date to the public. All this in the comfort of my home via internet! Technology is wonderful but with Jeff steering the ship, you can never go wrong.”

Jenny Johnson

Nashville, TN, Artist / Singer / Songwriter

I hope you’ll visit my testimonial page on Palette MSP. Thanks!”

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Jeff Silverman

Founder, Palette MSP and VSN

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