“Online Recording Services”

Virtual Studio Networks (VSN) recording studio online allows Palette Studio (MSP) to interact and work with artists and musicians anywhere in the world – with the ability to stream high fidelity stereo audio direct from our studio / Pro Tools rig to your computer in your own home/studio. No complicated set up on your behalf – you can listen with the sort of quality needed to make your mix & mastering real time tweaks. In addition, you can participate in live sessions in our studio utilizing very common programs like SKYPE, FACETIME, ooVoo, etc. Nothing like conducting a full blown session in the comfort of your own home!! And, think of the thousands of dollars you’ll save on travel expenses, hotels, lost work etc. AND… this recording online process can be done across the country or for that matter, across the globe with multiple users participating at the same. All you need on your end is a computer with iTunes, a reasonably stable internet connect (preferably hard wired) /access and a pair of headphones or speakers of your choice.

VSN is also set up to run Pro Tools on your computer remotely so that you can record in the convenience of your own home or we can record musicians from other locations.

We are continually working to improve this setup and are in the process of reviewing different options where VSN / Palette Studio can record you directly from your home/studio into ours.

Here’s a quick overview and some different options on what you’ll need to connect to VSN:

  • A Mac or PC laptop and / or desktop computer
  • iTunes – This can be on either platform. PC or MAC
  • A good broadband connection
  • Any browser you prefer
  • A good set of headphones or speakers
  • Lastly, we can talk on the phone or or better yet…
  • We can Skype, ooVoo or Facetime so you can visually participate in your session with me and/or the musicians, in real time!

I will then email you one or two things to start:

  • A .m3u file that you will put on your desktop. When I start broadcasting your music / session on my end, all you will need to do is right click on that file and select open with iTunes. And… in a matter of seconds, we are connected!

As another option… I can send you an invite to screen share so you can see my Pro Tool session on your computer. AND THAT’S IT! We are ready to start our session!

Click SEE MORE to read and view VSN video samples.  Feel free to CONTACT Jeff Silverman and he’ll be happy to give you a free test run so you can see first hand, not only how VSN works, but how VSN can bring my studio, Palette Studio, directly to YOU!

Other VSN features:

  • Free screen sharing and online messaging
  • Easy to connect multiple screen sharing capabilities
  • Ability to take control of your computer/ program of choice either on PC or MAC
  • Watch your Pro Tools session on your screen while streaming stereo high fidelity audio.