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Notes From Jeff

“Producing a Palette (MSP) “Live Strings” session requires a unique approach – using my experience and ability from producing and recording artists/musicians over the years, to guiding a player towards the musical goal.  Both an openness and sense of collaboration are required to bring this all together in a common musical “language.” It’s all about chemistry!  I believe, with any great collaboration, an affinity arises that opens creative doorways to a flow of spontaneous ideas and expression that are different but, more importantly, are greater than either person would have created on their own.  This makes for amazing end results!  While I am still there producing and keeping my overall vision, it must be said, that this is collaboration at its very best! Creating a unique production or arrangement entails many variables to say the least. There are certain instruments that can be re-created authentically with some of THE very best sample libraries available at Palette (MSP). However, I can say without a doubt, when it comes to live strings, there is no substitute for “the real thing!” Having some of the finest players in Nashville to work and collaborate with, makes the creative process and the finished music even better!”



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