The first VSN session at 70 miles per hour!!!

Grant Maloy Smith

Dust Bowl – American Stories

Produced by: Grant Maloy Smith and Jeff Silverman
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered: Jeff Silverman

Dust Bowl Credits and Website
Grant Maloy Smith-Jeff Silverman Virtual Studio Nashville VSN at 70mph

After 6 straight days of intense recording here at VSN / Palette Music • Studio • Productions with Grant Maloy Smith for his 2017 upcoming album, Dust Bowl – American Stories. Grant needed to return to his home in Rhode Island but… we still had 1 more day left to record the final dobro overdubs with Rob Ickes! So… While Grant was on the road, I sent him the usual VSN stream to his laptop with iTunes, which was connected to his iPhone 6+ personal hotspot via 4G wifi. SUCCESS!!! And not a note missed in the process! And with Grant participating during the entire overdub session with Rob and ME!!!! Next…. the moon!

About Old Black Roller

Words and Music © Grant Maloy Smith

Take a trip back to the American Great Plains during the 1930s, when enormous dust storms (“black rollers”) rolled across the prairie, turning day into night, and leaving a trail of sickness, devastation and heartbreak in their wake. Over-farming combined with a seemingly endless drought combined to cause the Dust Bowl.

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