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From Nashville To SanDiego Via VSN

Shakila and Art Tawanghar

“My Light”


Here’s a VSN project I set up and engineered for a very talented artist by the name of Shakila and her producer, Art Tawanghar. They are based out of San Diego and of course I’m here in Nashville, Tennessee recording Dave Flint’s gut string guitar part while Art is streaming stereo audio, screen sharing and visually participating while on Skype!


Art Tawanghar Testimonial (at the end of video)

Jeff: Ok! So we’re at the end of the session. Art, how did you feel about the VSN experience?

Art: It felt really good, really! I didn’t know what to expect. For me, this is a very new experience. I really feel like I was in the studio and I didn’t feel the “remoteness” of it. I know you told me there was some delay but I didn’t feel that at all and to me, it felt very real and I was touched and that’s all that matters. I was very happy with the experience and I would do it again and again and again if I had to. Thanks so much for making that happen

Jeff: You’re awesome! Thanks so much Art!


Art Tawanghar


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